View Protection for Legal & Human Rights Foundation has long been working tirelessly to Protect Human Rights & ensuring social justice for the people. It also works for Human Development, Good Governance, Pollution Prevention, Drug Prevention & Awareness, Consumer Protection, Tree Plantation, Youth Development, Advocacy, Criticism, Public Interest Litigation, and Media Attention. PLHRF has accreditation & in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council ECOSOC of the United Nations.
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Providing Legal Aid

a) This organization has been providing legal assistance in accordance with the Constitution and the Memorandum of Association formed in accordance with the general law of Bangladesh and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948.

b) Providing legal advice and legal assistance in legal and human rights protection to the oppressed, helpless and poor peoples. All the Legal consultants and panel lawyers in District and Metropolitan Court in Bangladesh has been providing legal assistance with free of costs through our branch committees. The number of panel/human rights lawyers is around 450.

c) To provide all legal assistance to the victimized persons, children, abused women to get help from the government and his administration as well as the tortured journalists and human rights related persons.

d) Appointed Panels/Human Rights Lawyers, who has been providing legal services to the victims by accepting nominal fees as their lawyer.

e) Moreover, providing legal aid through Branch Legal Aid Committee with joint effort, along with other public and private legal aid agencies in Bangladesh as well as the District Legal Aid Committee has been working as an observer.

f) Providing 24 hours telephonic helpline for any legal assistance and advice

Labor Assistance Cell

a) It has been working to provide legal assistance to the labors of Bangladesh as well as for their social status and fair labor rights. Moreover, it has been working for realization of workers` wages and fair rights as determined by the Labor Act of the Government of Bangladesh and in this regard ILO has been working for ensuring to get the compensation for the deprived workers.

b) This organization is working tirelessly to stop child labor.

c) The organization is providing assistance in labor welfare according to labor law through our 15 expert panels/human rights lawyers in Dhaka Division including other Divisional Labor Courts in Bangladesh and also working for realization of benefits and rights for the workers especially the garment workers.

d) Moreover, the organization is working for the welfare of the workers in factory to establish good relations with the workers and the owners, to collect dues of the workers, to protect their health and making awareness to the workers and the owners according to the labor laws through counseling, workshops etc. Moreover, mediation has been arranged for settling disputes between the workers and employers.

Legal Awareness/Counseling

  • Free Legal Counseling

Protection for legal and human rights gives free legal counseling for the affected and victimized people who are affected by any criminal persons and family matter. We are counseling through our penal lawyer and legal consultant.

  • Tele-legality

Also we provide services by tale-legality over phone, our cell phone and on-line legal for counseling 24/7 hours phone number: 01717166737 and 01717191505


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Organization in Special Consultative Status with Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations 

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