View Protection for Legal & Human Rights Foundation has long been working tirelessly to Protect Human Rights & ensuring social justice for the people. It also works for Human Development, Good Governance, Pollution Prevention, Drug Prevention & Awareness, Consumer Protection, Tree Plantation, Youth Development, Advocacy, Criticism, Public Interest Litigation, and Media Attention. PLHRF has accreditation & in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council ECOSOC of the United Nations.
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Investigation and Reporting on Human Rights Violations


a) Investigate all kinds of human rights violations including murder, violence against women, rape, suicide, conflicts, rumors, Rohingya problem, protection of natural and environment, border killings, fights due to social and political violence, disappearances. And through this, by reporting and protesting it, issuing its press releases officially and diplomatically, etc.

b) In addition, the organization`s delegation with the help of the local administration regularly investigates the matter regarding any human rights violation and submits the investigation report with recommendation for the necessary use in the public and private organizations and foreign Embassy offices.


Observation of various days including human chain, seminar, protest letter, press release to prevent violation of human rights


a) The organization has been conducting to prevent human rights violation by human chain programs and investigation activities against various crimes including women and children abuse, border killing, illegal killing, suicide, rape, extrajudicial killing, environmental protection, labor rights, etc.

b) This organization has been observing/celebrating various national and international days through central, branch and foreign committees and has been observing International Human Rights Day on 10th December in every year.

c) The organization has been working to get verdict in all cases including enquiry, report, opinion or any kind of human rights violation through press release, print media, government and diplomatic or embassies.

Organizing and Attending Conferences on Law and Human Rights at National and International Levels:


a) Conferences organized on various topics in own country and abroad in coordination with the employees of the organization.

b) A close bond is formed in presence of national and international experts in the protection of human rights through conference.

c) The representatives of our organization at the United Nations attended in the United Nations conferences in different countries of the world such as India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Japan, America, Italy, UK, Germany, France and other African countries on the issues of refugees, Rohingya, human rights regularly. Officially attended in the conference virtually and in person.

Meetings, seminars, conferences and public awareness work and awards and training programs:

a)      This organization has been conducting with various public awareness programmers, meetings, seminars and trainings for build up competent human rights and social workers in protection of law and their rights.

a)      Our Organization are organizing training workshops on formation of skilled journalists and human rights workers through various government and non-governmental organizations such as Bangladesh Press Council, Press Club, Weekly Newspaper Council, Federation of Bangladesh Journalist Organization, Newspapers to produce skilled industrial entrepreneurs and human rights activists.

b)      Awareness seminar and training workshop on child marriage, dowry prevention, drug prevention. Providing a report based briefings on the policy of the Election Commission of Bangladesh and to monitor the local and national elections in Bangladesh. Moreover, after observing national elections in different constituency given press briefings.

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Organization in Special Consultative Status with Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations 

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