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Migrations Assistance and Welfare Work in Relating to Immigration Assistance

 a) To provide social and legal assistance to the labors of Bangladeshi, women worker who has been tortured abroad as well as assisting to the migrants who living abroad and providing social and legal assistance to them and their families in the country.

b) To provide assistance in proper enforcement of immigration laws and immigration to the immigrant persons.

c) In addition to provide legal assistance to the citizens of Bangladesh who imprisoned earlier in abroad.

d) Making arrangements to travel in abroad through government and private agencies in a proper manner without interference of brokers.

e) Making arrangements to bring dead bodies of expatriates back to the country and for getting compensation from the government as well as legal assistance to claim compensation for deceased illegal immigrants.

f) To provide legal assistance and co-operation to the human trafficking women and migrants through the respective embassies and taking steps to bring them back to the country.

g) Assisting with the Government in preventing human trafficking as well as raising awareness among the peoples in general anyone can travel abroad legally.

h) The organization is working for the welfare of underprivileged Bangladeshis who living abroad. Moreover, the organization has been working in providing legal assistance in immigration matters.

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