View Protection for Legal & Human Rights Foundation has long been working tirelessly to Protect Human Rights & ensuring social justice for the people. It also works for Human Development, Good Governance, Pollution Prevention, Drug Prevention & Awareness, Consumer Protection, Tree Plantation, Youth Development, Advocacy, Criticism, Public Interest Litigation, and Media Attention. PLHRF has accreditation & in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council ECOSOC of the United Nations.
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Relief and Safe Food Programs

a) By creating a food fund for the orphans with provision of feeding nutritious cooked food to various orphanages in 2 days of a week.

b) To provide cooked nourishing food to the poor children, disabled persons, crippled beggars who spent night at railway stations, footpaths and on roads.

c) Distributing food materials, cooked food and winter clothes to the poor, helpless, destitute peoples during disaster and corona period.

Developmental activities for the flood affected people:


a) The organization has extended its hands as immediate assistance to the various flood affected area in the country including Sylhet, Sunamganj in 2022.

b) Providing other necessary materials and distributing of cooked food and cash donation along with the government and private organizations through our own fund collection.

c) Distributing medicines for the post-flood recovery.

Autistic Development Program

The organization works for autistic children, autistic people according to their fundamental rights. It also works for improving their education, food and health. This organization has also been doing development work in providing education, health training for autistic children and adults in 2 schools.

Developmental activities for third gender (Hijra) and blind people with AIDS:


a) The organization has been working for third gender (hijra) people in urban and rural areas. The organization has given many plans and projects for the transgender people. This organization also works for the neglected third gender or hijra in urban and rural areas and also for the peoples who has been suffering with HIV.

b) Has been working for social development as well as provide training services to the third gender (hijra) community peoples and HIV positive peoples for their fundamental rights.

c) Has been working to prevent social and family harassment of third gender or hijras and to establish their human rights, legal rights in society. The organization has also been working to provide them with social rights through legal, food, health, prevention of sexual harassment, economic and emotional development.

d) This organization has been working with the aim to establish social status including food, clothing, treatment, public awareness, protection and accommodation among 500 third gender or hijra community persons in Mymensingh district of Bangladesh.

Health Program and Health Protection against COVID-19


a) Provided free treatment, medicine and medical services to the poor, helpless and sick people in various rural and poor areas of Bangladesh.

b) Public awareness activities have been conducted like: distribution of leaflets, masks, hand sanitizers, hand gloves, food distribution.

c) To provide financial assistance to the needy poor people who are HIV patients, cancer patients, liver, heart patients by collecting funds quickly.

d) Providing good medical services through setting up eye camps and encouraging blood donations by conducting blood donation campaigns, giving low cost treatment and medicines in collaborating with the similar organizations.



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