View Protection for Legal & Human Rights Foundation has long been working tirelessly to Protect Human Rights & ensuring social justice for the people. It also works for Human Development, Good Governance, Pollution Prevention, Drug Prevention & Awareness, Consumer Protection, Tree Plantation, Youth Development, Advocacy, Criticism, Public Interest Litigation, and Media Attention. PLHRF has accreditation & in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council ECOSOC of the United Nations.
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Mission and  Vision:                                


The Organization is working tirelessly to implement its mission & vision of the organization. PLHRF provides legal aid according to the Memorandum of Articles and Constitution of Organization by-laws.


The organization’s aim is to Protect Human Rights & ensuring social justice for the people. It also works for the prevention of Human Rights Violations, Human Development, Criticism, Good Governance, Development of Democracy & freedom of speech, Public Interest Litigation, Pollution Prevention, Drug & Crime Prevention & Awareness, Consumer Protection, and Statistics, Tree Plantation, Youth Development. 


PLHRF also works to provide Advocacy, Legal aid, Arbitration, Research, Social Development, Climate change, Media Attention,  Implementation of SDGs & Implementation of the Universal Human Rights declaration-1948.   


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Organization in Special Consultative Status with Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations 

 Head Office:

56, Shokh Center, Purana Paltan, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh. Webmail:, Email:,

Central Hotline: +8801717191505, 01717166737. 

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